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Hire Charges

                        Booking fee payable in Full at least
                        two weeks in advance of the event
                        Parish Resident   Non-Parish Resident

Hourly                      £26                     £30 
Half day (up to 6 hours)  £105                   £126
Full Day                    £200                   £220
Wedding                  £2100                 £2625
Cricket Let Day                       £265
Mandatory Post-event       £40
Cleaning Charge             £60 (where changing rooms used)
(Cleaning Charge is mandatory for all events. Please refer to Clear-Up and Cleaning for details)
Power Consumption
Power consumption beyond 25 units will be charged at 33 pence per unit  and deducted from the deposit. A meter reading will be taken before and after the event.
*Refundable Deposit payable
on the day of the event in cash. 
Refunded within 36 hours.





*A refundable deposit, as set out in the table above is payable along with the booking fee. This deposit is to cover:

  • any breakages, loss or other damage to the Pavilion or its contents

  • any clear-up required to achieve the minimum clear-up standard (please refer to Clear-up and Cleaning)

  • power consumption beyond 25 units

  • loss of keys

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